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Radio Islam in conjunction with the Jamiatul Ulama South Africa and the Islamic Medical Association of Roshnee have launched two mobile clinics. The Mobile Clinic is a basic medical clinic. Staffed by qualified nurses, each Clinic provides patients with primary health care, as well as access to preventative tests. . The Mobile Clinic operates five days a week.

Bringing a clinic to the poor:

We take our mobile clinics directly to the poor. These Mobile Clinics seek to aid communities that have little or no access to health care services due to issues such as poor health care infrastructure, lack of resources, inefficient or understaffed health programs, and lack of knowledge about existing programs, among others.



Radio Islam

Mobile clinic

Project 2016 


Learning about local culture through service: 

We believe that participating in a Mobile Clinic service trip is one of many ways to gain a perspective on and learn about inequities in local health. Many past participants have pointed to the Mobile Clinic experience as a critical moment that inspired them to engage in further community volunteer work, pursue a career in health, or make a lifelong commitment to service. Above all, we hope that participants will learn how to listen to patients. Whether in South Africa or the rural mountains of Ecuador, service must begin by listening to the people we are serving.


Our mobile clinics service the following areas:

  • Lawley Ext 2 informal settlement
  • Slovo Park informal settlement
  • Brick Cast informal settlement
  • Ennerdale Ext 5, Kapok informal settlement
  • Eikenhoff, Jackson informal settlement
  • Wieler’s Farm


Partnering with professionals on the ground:

Radio Islam Mobile Clinics are staffed by local nurses who understand the local language(s) and culture. This is absolutely crucial in providing culturally sensitive care to our patients. Local staff members also understand the local referral systems. Thus, when a patient needs complicated or ongoing treatment that can’t be provided by us at a Mobile Clinic, our providers can quickly refer a patient to a hospital, clinic, or specialist that can provide treatment. Ultimately, if we are going to work towards sustainable health care systems, then we need to empower local health care professionals to take care of patients.



Name: Roshnee I.M.A Medical & Health Welfare

Bank: Standard Bank

Branch code: 014637

Acc number:  02 182 0015

Type: Cheque account



Ensuring patient follow up:

When patients are simply referred to local hospitals for treatment, many times they still fail to receive the treatments they need due to lack of resources, lack of confidence, or lack of a true understanding about their medical problems.

We support our patients in many ways.

We provide a combination of direct medical service; health promotion and disease prevention activities; da’wah (Education); social support; case management and referrals to medical and social resources.


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